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Our Core Team

Mr. Rajesh Gangwani


Mr. Rajesh Gangwani, a dedicated civil engineer, stands as a visionary in the realm of construction. With an unyielding passion for the craft, he exemplifies hard work, innovation, and a commitment to excellence.
His career is a testament to a visionary leader who combines technical expertise with a forward-thinking approach, consistently pushing boundaries to shape the future of the industry.

Being the founder of Shiv Constructions & the vice president of CREDAI Sangli, his devotion to the art of construction is not only evident in his work but also in his unwavering dedication to creating innovative and sustainable solutions for a better-built environment.

Mr. Avinash Gangwani, a forward-looking and enterprising individual, embodies the next generation poised to steer the family business towards greater heights. Armed with an MBA in finance and marketing, he meticulously navigates the realms of marketing and sales with a dynamic approach.
His unyielding passion, coupled with an enthusiastic spirit, propels him to carve innovative pathways for the company's growth. His strategic acumen and his innate flair for communication, positions him as a leader who seamlessly blends a contemporary business perspective with a legacy of success. With determined and dynamic approach he represents the future of the family business with an unwavering commitment to progress and innovation.

Mr. Avinash Gangwani

Managing Director

Mrs. Soniya Gangwani

Managing Director

Mrs. Sonia Gangwani, an integral force within the company, expertly oversees the finance and HR departments with a blend of astuteness and dedication. Her role extends beyond conventional responsibilities, embodying a disciplined and hardworking ethos that resonates throughout the organization.
As a steadfast leader, she ensures company's principles of discipline and diligence are ingrained in every employee, fostering an environment of professionalism and dedication. Her meticulous approach not only reflects in the financial and human resource domains but also serves as a guiding beacon, shaping a culture where excellence and commitment are paramount. Her commitment to maintaining high standards and cultivating a dedicated workforce highlights her pivotal role in driving the company's success.

Our Management Team

We do our best to frequently improve our skills and technology.
'Hard work has no alternative' is our credence.